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We pride ourselves on the fact that we build lasting trusted relationships with our clients by taking the time to understand their specific challenges and agreeing deliverable bespoke solutions. We also assist clients build capacity through our train the trainer programs should they require it. We also develop mutual support packages in order that a commonality of training exists between neighbouring or partner agencies.

You will find a small snapshot of some of the law enforcement training programs we offer on this site. However, we offer much more so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Some of our Customers...


Who should take our law enforcement training?


Law enforcement, security personnel, clients deploying over-seas, intelligence officers and analysts, homeland security and defence personnel, individuals, or companies concerned with risk mitigation.

Law Enforcement Training

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Bespoke Law Enforcement Training

Hostile environment awareness training

Hostile environment training

For an individual or team to safely and effectively operate in a high risk or fragile environment they must manage two main threats, the external threat to physical safety and the internal threat to their ability to function psychologically. Consequently, our syllabus includes personal and group deployment planning, threat evaluation and risk assessment; personal security and conflict management, vehicle and travel security, ballistics, mines and IED awareness, dealing with local authorities and factions, avoiding and surviving kidnap or detention, living and working in disaster areas, cyber security, and recognising and dealing with post-traumatic stress. Our medical training equips delegates to deal with a range of traumatic injuries likely in hostile environments as well as how to maintain good health and hygiene in remote or austere locations.

Many of our delegates come from journalistic or NGO backgrounds and we are happy to offer additional training which may be necessary to mitigate risk in locations they are required to visit.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN)

Designed for news crews, programme and documentary makers and their leadership, this module highlights the prevalent types of CBRN threat.

Public order training

We provide advice on how to mitigate risk when covering different forms of protest and civil unrest. Practical skills such as personal conflict management, clothing and equipment for covering protest or civil unrest, police and security force tactics, improvised missiles and petrol bombs, tear gas awareness, and first aid for public order.

This training can be conducted in our clients location of choice or in our premises in Northern Ireland.

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