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IT/Software Engineering

Technology is constantly changing. Legacy systems can be costly to secure, maintain, repair, and replace. Modernization techniques combined with creativity and the application of highest quality Information Technology (IT) can help alleviate the inevitable challenges facing today’s Federal Agencies and commercial enterprises alike. We offer solutions in software integration, administration, development and deployment, and integration libraries to allow your IT to enable and not hinder your mission.


In all organizations, intelligence provides the basis for generating important policies and making decisions. It ensures that timely, responsible and rational actions are undertaken every day by people, organizations, and businesses around the world. We offer support on numerous initiatives, including research services and technical support, program assessments and evaluations, trend analysis, and subject matter expertise. We also provide studies and analyses, technology planning, and capability assessments to help increase the effectiveness of your intelligence initiatives.

Language Services

Language and cultural training plays an essential role in bridging the gap between cultures, allowing  fulfilment of mission objectives across the globe. Fostering understanding despite barriers caused by language is mission-essential. We provide Global Language and English Language Training (ELT), as well as transcription, translation, and linguistic analysis to increase your understanding, effectiveness and international reach.

Training & eLearning

A rounded training and development program ensures that students and professionals have consistent experiences and background knowledge. Proper training techniques and curriculums increase innovation in developing new strategies and processes, and increase the overall effectiveness of personnel. We offer a full lifecycle training capability encompassing curriculum development; in-classroom, and increasingly in the post pandemic world virtual, and distance learning; simulation; and training delivery analysis including accreditation and training record management.

Communications & Electronics (C&E) Maintenance

Streamlined and reliable communications equipment and software is essential to enhancing productivity and response times in mission-critical environments. We offer solutions with integrated logistics support to deliver high-value, technically complex inspection, detection, and surveillance devices. Our through-life services include equipment inventory management, corrective and preventative maintenance, and repair.

Records Management

Quality records management relies on proper documentation and accountability integrated with transformative technology. The retention of historical records is vital to the growth and development of future processes and policies. We offer our customers solutions for their assets, not complications. We provide physical storage, e-records digitization, retention and disposition action, electronic systems assessment, strategic planning, policy development, and training development and delivery.

Staff Services

The right experts to assist can be the essential difference between a successful program and one that struggles to meet its mission objectives. We provide clarity, alignment, and direction as well as project planning, acquisition support, program management, and resource management. We are here to ensure that the best people are working on the best projects to achieve the best results.

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