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“Focused continuing professional education opens new possibilities, new knowledge, and new skill areas”

Kapsuun Group has partnered with Ulster University

Bringing you accredited online courses relevant to you in your current or future employment.

Is professional development important to you? Do you know the importance of Open Source Intelligence? Are you concerned about the recent increase in hackers and want to gain knowledge of the Dark Web? Would having an enhanced knowledge of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery protect your business and staff?

If the answer is yes, then consider Kapsuun Group’s accredited professional development courses.

These are all important subject areas that translate across all professions. Upon completion, you will receive a University accredited level four certificate and 15 UK university credits per course.

Our unique Open Source Intelligence Course (OSINT) is a four week online short course designed in partnership with Ulster University, delivered by the Kapsuun Group and accredited by Ulster University. 

This is an academically accredited course that will safely and securely guide you into and through the Dark Web.  It will teach you how to navigate the Dark Web by taking an ethical and legal route.

Our Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Course is a four week online short course delivered by Kapsuun Group in partnership with the Ulster University.

What is CPE?

Continuing Professional Education, identified as CPE, is the term used to describe learning activities of professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and experience.

What does accreditation mean?

Each of our professional development courses is designed in partnership with Ulster University and in line with UK Higher Education Standards.

If a student successfully completes one of our courses, they will earn 15 transferable UK University credits.

If the student accumulates 60 credits within the short course framework, they also obtain a certificate in Continuous Professional Education.

(Note: What are 15 UK credits equivalent to?  4 US credits 7.5 ECTS (European credit system) 15 FHEQ (The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of DegreeAwarding Bodies in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

Continuing Professional Education is important

The workplace is an ever-changing environment, where lifelong education is the key to reaching your career aspirations, as well as personal goals. Many professions require a certain level of ongoing CPE in their careers, where it is essential to provide evidence of current knowledge – such as legal, medical, security, and accounting roles.

Why Do I Need CPE?


Your job performance will improve because you have acquired new skills and a newfound interest in the field of OSINTDark Web, and Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery.

Define your Career Path

What really interests you? Without CPE, some professionals find they are stuck in terms of career progression. CPE will open doors for you as you continue to step up that career ladder.

Stay on top

Technology is changing rapidly every day— probably faster than it has ever been. As our courses are accredited and partnered with Ulster University, we have leading professionals in the field who are constantly updating our content to bring you the most relevant material and up-to-date research.

Broaden your network

Connect and learn with like-minded students and enhance your professional network while furthering your career progression.

Overall, CPE is increasingly becoming an eye-catcher for potential employers, not only setting yourself aside from the rest but preventing your knowledge from becoming “out of date.”  Research, innovation, best practices for work, and adoption of new technologies will see your workforce evolve. Keeping you efficient, motivated, and competitive.  

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